IsaIN combines interior & architecture in the private and public sector. Architecture and interior architecture should always maintain a stylistic integrity, that’s why we offer you both.

About isaIN
  • 2002: Isabelle graduates at the Academy of Ghent “ Interior Architecture”
  • Summer 2002: Internship at the valuation Department Sotheby’s in London.
  • 2003- 2006 : works for Architect Ferre Verbaenen. “ Interiors of offices, multinationals’
  • Dec 2005: Foundation isaIN
  • 2007 – 2009: works together with Architect Xavier Donck. Construction and interiors of luxury houses, apartments.
  • 2010 – today: isaIN works on her own and combines architecture and interior for private houses, apartments, lofts but also for offices, multinationals.